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snowboard season is almost back and this blog is ready to make more edits

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Anonymous asked: I have 2000 gifs of mark mcmorris

are there even 2000 GIFS of him in existence??!!!?!??!

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Anonymous asked: i actually want to make out with sage so bad

dont we all

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Anonymous asked: I love Mark Mcmorris to bits, but I have a horrible feeling he'll get more credit for "his looks" than his real talent at snowboarding in the near future, and it makes me really sad.

i think he definitely has fans that solely care about him for his looks :(

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submit your #snowconfessions HERE
submit your #snowconfessions HERE

Anonymous asked: I think Norway wins gold in the hot guys Olympics. With Canada having a silver. And US of A having a bronze. Like fuck, Sochi had the most attractive athletes

ooooo what do the rest of you think?

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Anonymous asked: seriously though, who runs this blog?

okokok i lied, im not mark mcmorris’s mother

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Anonymous asked: who runs this blog?

this blog is run by Mark McMorris’s mother. love to see all the fans supporting my boy!

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Anonymous asked: One time I got a goggle tan that looked less like goggles and more like a beard. I am a girl.

ahahah this has happened to me before!

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